With MakeMyStrategy™ I make better choices, without a doubt"

For me and my one-man army, the strategy work has sometimes been time-consuming, complicated and unmanageable.


Since I started with MakeMyStrategy™, my focus and desire to work continuously with strategy work has increased significantly.


The tool is easy and straightforward to work with and gives me an increased focus. 


When I work with MakeMyStrategy™, I definitely make better choices and am much better at selecting the things that don't add value to my business right now.


I have been using MakeMyStrategy™ for 2 years now and I will continue to do so. 


Thanks to Sanne for continuous GO' sparring and support 🙏🏻


The best recommendations from here."

Martin Bossel
PRIVATE by Bossel

Do you only use a small percentage of your wardrobe? Unfortunately, a lot of men don't get the maximum benefit from the clothes they buy, and there could be several reasons for this.

If you want a wardrobe with more quality and a clothing retailer that aims to add value to your wardrobe, PRIVATE by Bossel is for you.

With +23years experience in menswear, Martin Bossel has created a solid foundation and knowledge about menswear & men's wardrobe needs. An experience that he will start sharing with you online through his webshop.

PRIVATE by Bossel was created with the aim of creating a simple/manageable, inspiring & not least personal men's universe.

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