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Your success is our success

Creating a strategy is often based on large amounts of data, materials and complex processes. Formatting and versioning takes focus away from content. And involvement and documentation take time and slow down progress.

Meanwhile, the world around us is constantly changing, making it difficult to maintain the relevance of the strategic plan.

That's why we don't offer "dead" templates and strategy templates that end up on the shelf or in the drawer. No, we tie the entire strategic task together for you, from strategy process, methods, models, knowledge, involvement and strategy execution.

We cater to visionary, dynamic and energetic business leaders and companies that want to make a difference.

Our mission is to drive your business forward by providing access to the highest standard of best practice.

And our vision remains clear: to be your ultimate, results-driven strategy tool through and through.

We are passionate about a better world

We want an even better world, where it's not just the big resourceful behemoths that set the agenda for our lives on earth.

There are plenty of companies with great untapped potential that can enrich the world.

That's why we work for equal and improved access to resources and strengthened technological opportunities - all within strategy and based on our values; passion, courage and will as well as our core competence: making strategy work.

Best practice"

"The company is always accompanied by its strategy co-pilot or may have invited a strategy expert to assist. You get a solid basis for decision-making, collection of all strategic materials, the opportunity to include all the theories you want and involve relevant people, a comprehensive strategic overview, structure, dynamic navigation options and then there are great gains on the entire efficiency account", says Sanne Markwall, CEO & Founder of MakeMyStrategy™

Starting from a position in the financial banking world, Sanne became a well-respected strategy director and consultant for Danish and foreign companies with several courses behind her. She has helped build companies and consultancies and has both the practical and theoretical ballast to have created a refined summary of the world's strategy literature and important tools in an easily accessible digital platform that everyone can use. MakeMyStrategy™ was born in 2019 from the simple idea that every business deserves first-class strategic insights and high-quality tools at an affordable price.

"I've disrupted the way people work with strategy, and that benefits businesses. All companies benefit from having a coherent strategy. Now you can work smarter than before - and extremely much cheaper. In other words, you're buying a solid and unique strategy platform - that works in practice!"
Sanne Markwall, CEO

The journey with MakeMyStrategy™

Since the very beginning, a lot has happened. We have grown and we have improved our solution - but of course we are not going to stop here.

We believe that
- purpose is more important than pure profit
- involvement is more important than commanding
- intelligent trust is better than meaningless control
- the co-creator approach is better than dictation

Our values are
- COURAGE to put ourselves and an idea into play to achieve something better for others and for the world.
- PASSION that brings energy and desire to create and make a difference.
- DETERMINATION to carry out the passion with the courage required.
October 2018
Sanne Markwall gets the idea for MakeMyStrategy™
April 2019
MakeMyStrategy ApS is founded and IT development begins
March 2020
MakeMyStrategy™ launches and first company subscribes
April 2020
The first external advisors are certified in MakeMyStrategy™
September 2020
The first collaborating partners are associated
September 2021
The first "real" employees are hired
October 2021
New identity and website launches
March 2022
Advisory Board is established
April 2022
New office in Switzerland