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MakeMyStrategy offers different types of courses and networks to equip you or learn more about strategies that work in practice.

"Get off to a good start"

This open course is for new users of MakeMyStrategy.

You will be introduced to the solution, including how to get started when you also have an operation to take care of. We will cover how to gather knowledge and get people involved to create the foundation for maximum success. All core functions are covered to get you off to a flying start.

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"The MakeMyStrategy™ Way - Strategy that works in practice"

Strategy course for those who want to be better equipped to participate in a strategy process or simply want a refresher course on strategy with the latest tools.

Strategic theories and practice are combined in a simple and effective way. You will learn how to handle strategy work in practice and how to involve relevant people to ensure successful execution.

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What participants say

"A good and effective course where you go through a model to make your strategy a "game".

The tool provides a structure and results in you being able to build a complete strategic plan for your business in a relatively short time. A plan you decide how deep you want to go along the way or later.

The tool can be shared with those who will participate in the otherwise heavy strategy work and do it in a simple and very structured way.

It will never be easy to create a strategic plan – but this tool makes it significantly easier."

Henrik Busch
Chairman and member &owner
Busch on Board ApS

"I have participated as it is a great tool that automates, supports and assists my work so that I can create even greater value, clarity and alignment in the management team around the company's strategy.

In addition, MakeMyStrategy™, in its digital form, can much more easily involve more employees in the strategy work itself, creating a much greater ownership and commitment to "must-win activities" throughout the organization, which in turn means faster and more efficient execution.

Finally, it is a tool that lays the foundations for more autonomous teams.

With MakeMyStrategy™ we move from strategy platitudes to something more concrete and I highly recommend this course to everyone."

Mads Elk
Consultant &owner
Unikum Culture ApS

" Launching a strategy process may seem unmanageable, but the combination of advice from Agility Consulting Group and the digital process and document management tool, MakeMyStrategy™, makes it possible to create the necessary security and simplicity to get both started and through.

When MakeMyStrategy™ is used in the strategy work, a common language is created, and it strengthens the company's ability to execute and maintain growth, creating clarity about the main strategic and operational tasks, and reducing complexity through active opt-outs.

This creates a clear direction and coherence in the company."

Soren Jakobsen
Executive Advisor
Agility Consulting

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