We highly recommend MakeMyStrategy

Six months ago, Bollerup Jensen subscribed to the strategy tool MakeMyStrategy. It's a digital platform that helps us create a strategy for the company.

I think the tool works really well for us. It is easy to use and guides us through the process in a structured and good way, making sure that we cover all the different aspects.

The structure also means that it is easy to work independently and with others in the tool, which keeps track of information and documentation at all times.

An added bonus is that there is good and fast support from MakeMyStrategy. This is an important parameter when working with the system.

We look forward to continuing to work with the tool, which we expect to be particularly useful when we need to adjust our strategy. Changes in the environment and new realities are something we have seen often in recent years, and we believe that the tool is particularly strong when we need to update our plans.

We highly recommend MakeMyStrategy .

Frode Dale
Managing Director
Bollerup Jensen A/S

The story of Bollerup Jensen begins in the far west, more precisely Tarm in West Jutland, where the company was founded by the Bollerup Jensen family in 1935. The company produced soap and cleaning materials the old-fashioned way, without the use of modern chemicals. The old recipes that formed the basis of production are still the foundation of the company today, although they have been optimized over the years.

In 1973, Bollerup Jensen moved to a disused dairy in the small town of Ådum outside Tarm, where the company is still located today. Later in 1981, the company expanded its repertoire to include the production of water glass, and today Bollerup Jensen is Denmark's only independent producer of water glass.

Bollerup Jensen was acquired in 2009 by the private equity fund, Jysk Industri Holding, in connection with a generational change in the company. With the new owner at the helm, the company has evolved from being just a production and sales company to focus more on innovation projects that can help ensure a greener future.

Bollerup Jensen strives to develop environmentally friendly soap and cleaning products that can replace the existing environmentally harmful products on the market. The basic idea in everything they do is to offer you a simple and easy alternative that cleans without destroying nature.

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