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For those of you who want an overall strategy overview.
1.950 EUR / CHF annually
(163 EUR / CHF per month)

You get a license for a dynamic strategy process that you can continuously work in and where the output is:

Action plan
Executive summary
Number of licenses/users: 1
Additional accesses can be purchased
Limited video guide
Own material to a limited extent
High data security
For those of you who want a thorough strategic plan.
3.450 EUR / CHF annually
(288 EUR / CHF per month)

You get a license for a dynamic and professional strategy process and digital action plan with follow-up. You get a 360-degree view of your business. Outputs are:

Dynamic action plan
Executive summary
Detailed strategic plan with full traceability
Follow-up and execution tools
Custom analytics can be implemented so everything is in one place
You'll get a clear picture of strategic choices, priorities, SWOT, Must-Win Battles and KPIs etc.
Number of licenses/users: 1 - 5
2-5 Must-Win Battles
Unlimited number of measuring points
Additional accesses can be purchased
How-to videos
Scenario planning help
Help with ESG and SDGs
Full access to additional support tools
Own material can be easily incorporated
High data security
For those who want an individual solution.
Contact us and let us put together a solution.

Groups with subsidiaries, foreign subsidiaries or independent business units.

Desire to be able to consolidate subsidiaries' strategic plans.

Industry-specific questions or customization for public organizations or associations.

Do as others do

Let us help you get started

We offer the following additional services.
We meet in person and you will receive guidance on how to use the solution and the functions.

We assist with setup, involvement of colleagues and use of your own materials.

In addition, you will gain insight into the graphical options and other tools.

3 hours duration.
Price: 345 EUR / CHF ex. VAT
Content similar to the open course, but in your own company.

You choose whether it should be virtual or physical at your company.

3 hours duration.
Price: 585 EUR / CHF ex. VAT
Do you want to be challenged on your materials, get help collecting data, qualify your strategic answers and opinions or a sparring partner by your side?

What users say about MakeMyStrategy™

Saved over 600 internal hours. All in all, over 500,000 DKK straight to the bottom line.

Karen Mørkholt


With MakeMyStrategy™ we completed the task faster and with our own help

Christian Thing


Great tool for generational transition

Ole Østergaard (2nd generation) standing next to Bjørn Østergaard (3rd generation)

Owner and Managing Director

It really took off with MakeMyStrategy - I highly recommend taking the system in

Kjeld Bagger

Owner and Director

Frequently asked questions

Annual or monthly payment?

The starting point is an annual payment that repeats for the duration of the agreement.

However, you do have the option to pay monthly. In this case, please note that the first 12 months are binding.

The Agreement may be terminated after the initial 12-month period by the Customer or Strategy to All ApS upon 30 days' written notice to the end of any term.

Prepaid amounts are non-refundable.

How do I change my credit card?

You pay automatically via the credit card you provided when you signed up.

If you want to change your credit card or update because the card has expired, there is a button at the bottom of your invoice called "Update credit card".

Then you're ready to update your card details:

Can I change my appointment?

Yes, you can.

Contact us at and we'll make changes based on your wishes.

ATTENTION. Please also refer to the general terms and conditions.

How do I create an agreement to use MakeMyStrategy™?

Here's how to do it:

  • At, under "Prices", select the version that suits you, e.g. "PRO". "PRO"
  • Click "Create now" and fill in your name, payment details etc.
  • You will then receive a welcome email and password
  • And then you are up and running and can log in anywhere via "Login"

Can I try the solution before I buy?

You can always get a personal demo where we can also agree on the next steps.

How is payment information handled?

Payment information is handled via: Upodi, Paylike, Quickpay and clearhause.