With MakeMyStrategy™ we completed the task faster and with our own help

We subscribed to MakeMyStrategy™ because we want an overview of our strategic dimensions and because we want to have a comprehensive picture of all relevant strategic issues.

MakeMyStrategy™ helps you do this in an easy and accessible way. Something I particularly like is the pragmatic and easy to understand approach to getting a good and thorough strategy plan made. In addition, we get structure and systematics and everything is collected in accessible documents.

We now have a strategic plan that lives up to our expectations.

Our alternative was to find a consultant who could help us. With MakeMyStrategy™, we completed the task faster and with our own help.

I recommend MakeMyStrategy™ as it's a great way to get through a process that can otherwise be heavy and take a long time.

Christian Thing
Living Better A/S

Living Betters solutions simplify, reduce and improve the creation of a good indoor climate.

They believe that you, as a builder, advisor, contractor or tenant, have an objective of a good indoor climate and an efficient energy solution for your building.

That's why they specialise in developing solutions based on nature's own forces and known technology that meet the twin requirements of a good indoor climate with low energy consumption.

Their solutions enable you to reduce CO2 emissions, create healthy buildings and give a better life to the people who use the buildings.

Living Better A/S is a 100% Danish owned technology company. They work with window manufacturers, architects, consultants and contractors in Denmark and abroad to create the best energy and indoor climate solutions.

Their first product was an intelligent window valve. It led to their development of the Ventilation Window and the complete LivingBetter concept. The window technology in particular has won awards from building stakeholders for energy savings and a healthy effect on the indoor environment.

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