Work smarter not harder


Knowledge gathering for the current situation

You are guided through a structured model - step by step - and are sure to cover every corner of your business.

Data and knowledge about what affects your business, both internally and externally, is collected.

Along the way, you can involve everyone you want and supplement with all the strategy models, materials, analyzes, budget, etc. that you find relevant.

The collected knowledge is boiled down and the essence forms the basis for the company's further strategic development.

The future direction

You may already have your vision, mission and values already formulated and just need to import them into MakeMyStrategy™. If not, we'll help you formulate your vision, mission and values.

You get the opportunity to think outside the box, as we've prepared everything you need to work with future scenarios.

And if sustainability is an important factor for you, you'll also find an optional section where you can work even more in-depth with the SDGs.

MakeMyStrategy™ automatically collects all your important sub-conclusions and takes them with you.

Opt-outs and the need for change

Once you have collected everything, you are automatically presented with a very clear overview containing a mix of all your sub-conclusions.

Based on specific criteria, you make strategic opt-outs from this mix of sub-conclusions.

You are then guided through a process where you map the change needs the company is facing. This is done by actively using the selected sub-conclusions.

We also call the change needs red and green traffic lights and they create the basis for the development the company is facing.

Everything is collected with a clear indication of which choices have led to the conclusion. This way, you can always explain why a given action is being taken.

Overview with Must-Win battles and KPI

To ensure focus and overview, the change needs, expressed as traffic lights, are grouped into themes.

The themes are formulated as must-win battles to reach the goal.

Under each "battle" it is then clear which activities need to be initiated to address the change needs, expressed as traffic lights.

To measure progress, you can insert strategic KPIs at the Must-Win battle level.

With Must-Win Battles, you "eat the elephant in small bites" and you can communicate in a much simpler way.

Vibrant and engaging action plan

MakeMyStrategy™ automatically converts all your input into a concrete action plan.

The action plan is divided into Must-Win battles with associated measurement points.

You can involve relevant people and give them responsibility for activities.

The activities, which are clearly sourced, are continuously prioritized and along the way you can update the status of each activity.

Everything is automatically updated as you make changes, so you always have an accurate snapshot of how the execution is going.

Output is generated automatically

Being able to communicate and document the strategy is crucial for success.

A communication package is automatically generated consisting of:

1. a concrete action plan
2. an executive summary
3. a detailed strategy plan with full traceability and appendix overview
4. a number of templates for graphic presentation

In addition, you get a checklist for successful execution.

All output can be easily set up with your own logo and colors.

Quite light in strategy

You can revisit the strategy at any time and make simple corrections.

Every correction inevitably has a number of consequences that can be extremely complex to understand.

With MakeMyStrategy™, select the item you want to correct and then you are shown where the correction will have consequences and where you need to rethink things.

Once you have corrected the consequences, you can generate an updated strategy plan with updated output with just one click.

You have your own digital project manager

You will be guided through the entire process.

Along the way, you will be introduced to relevant support tools.

You will reach your goal safely.

You have access to a knowledge bank

Educational videos.

Examples, cases, e-books and webinars.

Additional deep dive tools, templates and checklists.

Safety is important

Data security is a top priority, which is why MakeMyStrategy™ is hosted by Exoscale, which stands for the highest security standards. Among other things, they are ISO 27001 certified
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It all ties together and features make your work easier

Efficient project management tailored to your operations, where you can take breaks whenever you want

Any management needs administrative backup. The platform is intuitive and acts as your digital project manager. You can pause whenever you want and work whenever you want - 24-7-365.

Higher success rate through active and ongoing involvement of relevant people

You can easily give access to relevant people both internally and externally, also cross divisions and borders. You minimize personal dependencies and ensure collection and sharing of knowledge.

Dynamic fix function, ensures quick clarification and saves important time

You can correct as the conditions around you change. You'll see where it affects your plan. After the correction, everything is automatically updated to a new version without losing history.

Safe process management

Safe process management and collection, preservation and summary of knowledge
You make sure that you stay on track. Everything that has an impact on the strategy is collected, summarized and translated into concrete activities, so that the company's management always has an updated and current common plan for the development.

Proven track record

Coherence and overview through concrete tools plus your own material
The platform is based on best practice, recognised and international models, the book "Strategy in winning companies" and many years of practical experience. The platform is proven and works!

Automatic reporting

Progress without loss of momentum with automatic reporting
Reporting takes the form of concrete action plans focusing on the priority areas, an executive summary and a detailed strategic plan with full transparency and traceability.

Flexible application

Flexible use in both time and form
You can use the platform yourself (DIY). You can gather relevant people for meetings/workshops where you work together in the platform. You can involve relevant people ad hoc or you can let an external advisor assist you.

Strategic choices

Avoid failed projects with a sharp and focused focus
You are guaranteed prioritization, strategic opt-outs and logical causation, so that you can continuously make resource allocation in relation to projects based on a concrete and objective foundation.

Effective on-boarding of new employees

Efficient on-boarding of new employees
Misalignment and misuse of outdated documents is reduced and time wasted on "lost" documents is minimized. The current plan is transparent and new employees can be on-boarded easily and efficiently.

Access to best practice

Access to Q&A, cases and learning videos along the way
You have access to a large question & answer catalogue as well as anonymized cases so you can be inspired. others. In addition, access to video training so that management can delegate to others and learning is achieved in the organization.

Saved resources

Financial saving and optimal use of time
You can scale as needed and avoid IT integrations because the platform is cloud-based. You save money on transportation, travel time, meeting and conference costs and endless consulting hours.

Customization for large enterprises

Avoid misunderstandings and get to the finish line faster
You can costumize and add your own DNA from the group level to business units and thus achieve a common group language and thereby the same basis and principle for the entire company.