Collaborating partners

We collaborate with other great companies. We share a desire to strengthen your company's opportunities for growth and development. In concrete terms, this means that some of these partners disseminate MakeMyStrategy™, others have the strategy platform as an add-on value offer to their customers/members and others we collaborate with on knowledge, training, learning etc.

Franchising is arguably the world's most successful form of business for companies seeking growth in the most secure, rational, efficient and cost-effective way. It is also one of the most stable methods of business development, partly because it builds on the best of both parties in the partnership. It is therefore also a very good and reasonably safe way to become self-employed.

FranchiseHub is a leader in franchise development and recruitment. They are the only Danish franchise portal and the leading company in facilitating contact between people who want to become independent and chains that need to recruit competent people who want to have a foot under their own table, without standing completely alone.

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Boardmeter is one of the leading providers of board evaluations and conducts board evaluations in all types of companies and organizations. Common to them all is that they strive to ensure the greatest possible impact and value creation for the organization.

They offer research-backed, sector-specific evaluations that are always up-to-date with current legal requirements and relevant recommendations for good governance. 


  1. Creates value. A Standard or Customized evaluation that creates value in the boardroom and for the company.
  2. We make it easy. We ensure that the board deals with what's relevant. And they manage the process - in very simple steps - from start to finish.
  3. Make it safe. They treat all data confidentially and in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. They are a D-labeled company. And their evaluations are always aligned with corporate governance recommendations.

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Asnet and SME of the Year in collaboration with MakeMyStrategy™

Asnet offers an active and developing network for board members, and with competent board members they create momentum and results for companies.

Asnet is not only one of the oldest board networks in Denmark, it is also the largest.

Asnet is a non-profit organisation and a network for people working in the boardroom of small and medium-sized enterprises who want to develop their boardroom careers.

Asnet is also part of the SME of the Year, which recognises and celebrates the people who help run and develop small and medium-sized enterprises. MakeMyStrategy™ is also part of this collaboration.

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Low Cost Company is the easiest, fastest and cheapest place to set up a new company online. Since 2014, they have formed thousands of limited companies and entrepreneurial companies, which means you are in safe hands if you form your new company there.

Cheap Company is an internet company founded by a young entrepreneur in 2014. The mission at the time was to make it easy, fast and cheap for entrepreneurs to start new companies. Today, the mission has succeeded and Billigselskab is one of the largest Danish players in the online company formation market.

The low-cost company is owned by a number of ADVODAN lawyers. ADVODAN is Denmark's largest chain of lawyers with 21 offices across the country

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Arrow and TBK Consult

Arrow is a global provider of technology products, services and solutions. At Arrow, we recognize that every customer is different. Every company has specific challenges, goals, objectives, ambitions, culture and skills.

That's why ARROW, consultancy TBK Consult and MakeMyStrategy™ have joined forces to help B2B software companies grow nationally and internationally.


The aim is to help software companies get the strategic foundation in place and then leverage ARROW's knowledge, partner network and international reach to help execute on the company's action plan.


Read more about Arrow

Read more about TBK Consult_200D↩

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An online platform for the professional board.

BetterBoard is a Danish SaaS company that aims to develop and sell software to boards, associations and other groups.

The Board software will structure and improve activities related to the planning, execution and follow-up of Board work and other management meetings.

The Board Portal has been developed to meet the increasing demands for security, structure and efficiency of the Board's work.

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Karina Boldsen / AROS BOARD

In AROS BOARD, Karina Boldsen educates, inspires, motivates, qualifies and recruits sharp board profiles for professional and value-creating board work. Your way into the network is by completing one or more parts of the accredited board education in collaboration with Aarhus Business Academy or by participating in AROS BOARD's board seminars.

We work together in several areas to ensure the best foundations for positive business development.

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Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Academy develops and optimizes people's potential.


Through MasterClasses (MakeMyStrategy is a guest speaker), Workshops, Business retreats, Individual coaching and Networking, they help people gain energy and energy to become the best version of themselves.


All of their offerings are designed to put theory into practice, as they believe that lasting change happens over time. This is achieved through a process of practice, success, failure, support, help and reflection.


They believe that professional development goes hand in hand with personal development. That's why Personal Leadership is an integral part of all their products. They guide you to discover your unique talents and give you the tools to make the most of your professionalism.

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Danish Maritime

Danske Maritime is an industry association for Danish suppliers of maritime equipment and ships.

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IVN is a benefit club that looks after the interests of its members. They will make it more attractive, safe and manageable to be an entrepreneur in Denmark.

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Solveo thinks the economy into every aspect of the business and is far more than skilled accountant talkers.

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Danish Startup Groups (DSG)

Danish Startup Group's (DSG) mission is to engage the members and community in variety of events, workshops and social networking opportunities within the Danish startup and entrepreneurial scene.

They strive to provide valuable insights into the local and global startup environment and connecting them with like-minded peers, entrepreneurs and startups.

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Business Faxe

Business Faxe is a business organization that is set up in the world by and for the local business community with the aim of supporting and inspiring growth and development in Faxe Municipality.

Business Faxe works to grow existing businesses and helps to establish new ones.

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Vejen Business College Course Centre (VBC)

The VBC offers VET programmes designed to improve employees' skills in their current jobs and to enhance the job prospects of the unemployed.

MakeMyStrategy's founder and CEO, Sanne Markwall, teaches management courses on strategy and business development. The course currently offered is: Management of sustainable business development, which helps you to set structure and direction for your business development.

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Strategy and management are strongly linked. Working with Inheart gives you, as a manager, the opportunity to connect the digital strategy platform with the human.

A strategically skilled leader is courageous and understands that fear is the biggest barrier to success in the future, both on a personal and organisational level.

The courage to act in new ways is the antidote to fear. Your inner stance reflects your outer results.

In this collaboration, you will get concrete inputs on how to create SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT and GREEN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT in practice.

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A clear strategy is one thing, but the work is not over once the strategy is drawn up. The subsequent targeting, involvement and effective follow-up are crucial for full success.

The partnership with ActionPlanner means you can freely migrate your output from MakeMyStrategy™ to Actionplanner, a cloud-based software for efficient follow-up and execution of the actions you have identified in MakeMyStrategy™.  

In other words, with this collaboration, you'll power both strategy development and execution. We want to make sure that you have a clear-cut strategy with the right activities and that you ensure concrete and focused target management of the planned actions, tasks and projects.

Interested in hearing more about the collaboration and what it means for you, please feel free to contact us.

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The EU adopted the Whistleblower Directive in 2019. This means that companies with more than 50 employees must have a whistleblower scheme in place by 2023.

It may sound cumbersome, but there is actually a digital way to handle this.

Minimise risk with an all-in-one solution.

Walor is a secure and easy-to-use whistleblowing solution that ensures you comply with legal requirements.

As a MakeMyStrategy™ customer, you benefit from special terms.

Interested in hearing what it means for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help you further :-)

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No one can do everything. Anyone can do anything.
Together we can do it all.

If you would like to collaborate, don't hesitate to contact us.