Now we can spend our time on strategy content rather than models

Our ambition with MakeMyStrategy™ is to have a more simplified tool - a digital tool - to manage, in a simple way, our strategy work. From practical strategy development to execution and implementation.

In a guided way, we can now approach our strategy work without having to delve into the theory and the different models. Here the common models are gathered, put together and translated in a way that is simple for us.

Now we can spend our time on strategy content rather than models.

Allan Pedersen
Owner &CEO
KJ Klimateknik A/S

KJ Klimateknik creates Climate and Farm Management solutions based on a philosophy of sustainable and reliable livestock production.

They continuously work to develop housing systems that protect the climate, minimise energy consumption and ensure that animal welfare, economy and the environment go hand in hand.

Allan Pedersen bought the ventilation company KJ Klimateknik in 2016 and took over the activities from the long-standing strategic partner Klima Design.

With great skill and a modern management style, Allan Pedersen has managed to develop and rethink the entire KJ Klimatekniks business concept, so that the company today appears modern and innovative and with a clear definition of what niche and core competencies are.

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