Great to have a facility we can tap into whenever it suits us."

I come from WeITglobal, which recruits IT consultants from all over the world and around the world.

We work virtually in a lot of countries, so for us it's great to have a facility that we can tap into when it suits us. We work asynchronously because we work different working hours around the world – so when there is night in India, it is day at home and vice versa. This means that we can work in MakeMyStrategy™ a day, and then the others can subsequently take over the work we have done. That way we can talk without losing anything and without necessarily having to be together. It's amazing.

The fact that it is digital allows us to maintain what we have made and store documents, so that we constantly have an update on where we are.

That's really good.

John Helt
WeITglobal AB

weITglobal is a global consulting, outsourcing and resourcing company specialized in IT talent solutions. We enable global and local companies to perform their business effectively, by combining our deep industry experience, proven track record, end-to-end innovative solutions and client focus.

Recruiting: We are helping our clients source and select the right talent for their IT vacancies. We use our wide global network and database to source the best IT professionals fitting the client's needs.

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