Greater growth potential than expected"

"At Food Diagnostics A/S, we have had growth every year since its inception in 2003. We use MakeMyStrategy™ as a strategy tool facilitated by René Husum, who is certified in the tool.

By following the common thread of the tool, you are "forced" to take and assess strategy choices.

We have a busy everyday life and therefore chose to divide the strategy work into 4x4 hour séances over 3 weeks. Our strategic analysis showed that there are growth opportunities in all 4 business areas, and we discovered a greater growth potential than expected and can therefore expect a doubling of revenue.

Our benefit is also that we have set scenarios for the future and discussed potential, competence levels and staffing needs.

One advantage of the digital strategy version over the other strategy documents we have made in the past is that it is easy to be agile when internal or external conditions change.

We work with performance management with clear success criteria, but for us it is essential that growth ambitions go hand in hand with work-life balance. That is why, with the help of the MakeMyStrategy™ made achievable Must Win Battles and a priority action plan involving everyone in Food Diagnostics A/S and linking the employees' life situation, ambitions and strengths with Food Diagnostics A/S growth potential."

Tonny Nielsen
Food Diagnostics A/S

Food Diagnostics A/S sells a range of innovative products for hygiene control and product control within microbiology and biochemistry.

Their specialty is fast-track and through close collaboration with international companies and research environments, Food Diagnostics A/S is constantly at the forefront of the latest technology in the field.

The core business is: "To offer validated fast methods (alternative methods) and simple user-friendly solutions for the food/water/pharma industry's need for analytical methods". In addition to being dealers, Food Diagnostics A/S collaborates with the customer to analyze their needs, advise on the implementation of solutions and offer an accreditation that ensures the customer significant benefits through a safer, faster and less labor-intensive method of releasing products.

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