It really took off with MakeMyStrategy - I highly recommend taking the system in

In AVS we use MakeMyStrategy to create our strategy and we are happy that it is easy to gather the many threads and keep an overview.

At the same time, it was gratifying to find that when our coordinator (a young engineer) left us, we could easily bring someone else into the program and continue the strategy work.

We have partnered with MakeMyStrategy and hired a facilitator while we look for a replacement.

I really recommend bringing the system in. Everyone can get an insight into the overall strategy and management has access to all the background via the same system.

Before we started using MakeMyStrategy , we had tried to strategize on our own and also used a consultant for advice, but it only really took off when MakeMyStrategy gave us a concrete plan to follow.

Kjeld Bagger
Owner and Director
AVS Denmark ApS

AVS Denmark has 40 years of experience and is the industry's best partner within environment, pneumatics and automation. Their technicians are ready to receive inquiries by phone, email or live chat. They have over 70 years of combined product experience and have extensive knowledge of many different industries and process issues. They value service and ensure that orders received before noon are shipped the same day.

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Their products and technical support mean they can help you minimise maintenance time and downtime - and keep your equipment running at optimum efficiency. Many of the products will reduce your energy costs and come with a multi-year warranty.

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