Saved over 600 internal hours. Use MakeMyStrategy™ - it can only pay off.

"In my years as CEO of Revision Limfjord, I have been responsible for our strategy, which was previously prepared in both Excel and Word. It was not very clear and it was difficult to cut our strategy to the bone. Today, we use MakeMyStrategy™, which is easy and clear - and in addition, the program's approach is structured, "asks" the hard questions and meets my needs. With a structured approach, you are "guided" through the most important parameters of a strategy. It gives you an overview and helps you "cut to the chase".

MakeMyStrategy™ stands out because it's smartly organized, changeable and reversible, and helps guide you through the process in a truly expedient way. The program also "demands" that you address all the tough questions that help to clarify what is most important for the company's strategy. We have also benefited from this in connection with Revision Limfjorden becoming/having become part of Beierholm from September 1, 2023.

I would definitely recommend MakeMyStrategy™ to others and I wish I had known about MakeMyStrategy™ when we started our strategy process, because it would have guided us through the process in an easy and clear way, facilitated even better discussions and helped us focus on the priorities. It would have saved us a lot of time that was spent on not being able to narrow down and therefore not being able to get started on anything.

Had we used MakeMyStrategy™ from the start, I estimate that we would have saved over 600 internal hours. Time that could have been invoiced out. Even if we deduct under-coverage, it adds up to more than DKK 450,000 in earnings that we could have had and that we will not "throw out the window" in the future. On top of that, we save at least DKK 60,000 in expenses for meetings and driving. All in all, over DKK 500,000 straight to the bottom line. That's a lot of money!

So all I can say is: Use MakeMyStrategy™ - it really can only pay off." ‍.

Karen Mørkholt
Revision Limfjord P/S

At Revision Limfjord, they are experienced local auditors who see it as their job to develop your business. So everyday life becomes easier and more profitable; so doing business will be worth the effort.

They make sure things are in order. That you are constantly up to new legal requirements and that the necessary framework exists for healthy growth in your business.

Their core services are auditing, accounting, business services and consulting. Their specialty is small and medium-sized enterprises.

Be it production and transport companies, retail, fishermen, farmers, entrepreneurs and institutions – and they speak the same language. They are Jutlanders and they are close to their customers – both physically and mentally. They are because they really want to help develop your business.

Revision Limfjorden will become part of Beierholm from September 1, 2023.

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