I can strongly recommend this tool for strategy tasks!"

I can strongly recommend this tool for strategy tasks!

Jacob Braa Sørensen
Staal & Plast A/S

The Ebb and Flow system is a result from more than 35 years of experience in irrigation technology and are sold worldwide through a network of professional distributors.

Starting with high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) trays, Staal &Plast A/S began manufacturing in 1984. They added their own extrusion line in 1996.

The state-of-the-art vacuum-forming machines are highly automated and monitored by skilled employees with extensive machine and product experience. In 2018, Saal & Plast A/S incorporated this technology into a new plant in the United States to provide even better service to the customers in North and South America.

Saal & Plast A/S continuously test their bench trays for the use of nutrients, temperature effects, UV radiation, and daily wear and tear. Staal & Plast A/S use this knowledge to improve and optimize the products every day, so that greenhouse engineering and construction companies can safely and successfully install them in nurseries of all sizes worldwide.

Staal & Plast - Our customer's success is our success.

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