Incredible helpful for me as a leader

I can only say that MakeMyStrategy™ is a wonderful tool. Incredible helpful for me as a leader and part creator of strategies for our company and business life in general.

No need to wait, just do it!

Sanne Markwall a huge thanks to you and the team at MakeMyStrategy™ for making this platform available. It has changed my way of working and thinking… not making life & work easier, but more interesting.

Rune Skov
Sales Director

Gryphon Audio Designs ApS is a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment located in Denmark. Gryphon is known for their extremely expensive cost-no-object audio equipment, with few updates and product changes compared to their competition.

Gryphon products are designed and built by Gryphon Audio Designs at the factory in Ry, Denmark. Service is accomplished by Gryphon Audio Designs at their facility. To aid in service, the individual circuit boards in each Gryphon product has its own quality control certificate, while the completed unit also has its own quality control certificate. Records of all boards and devices are maintained at Gryphon Audio Designs, and all products are fully traceable.

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