Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
These terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply to any use of MakeMyStrategy™ made available by Strategy To All ApS, CVR no. 40453164, Strandvejen 58, 1., 2900 Hellerup.
The terms apply to any use of MakeMyStrategy™ unless otherwise accepted in writing by Strategy To All ApS and replace all previous terms of use of MakeMyStrategy™.
MakeMyStrategy™ is a software-as-a-service based strategy tool that makes it easy and simple for all companies, large and small, to work with strategy. MakeMyStrategy™ is described in more detail here http://makemystrategy.com.
MakeMyStrategy™ is offered "as is" and with the standard functionality described by Strategy To All ApS. The customer is responsible for the fact that MakeMyStrategy™ can be used by the Customer and for the use of the results from MakeMyStrategy™.
The customer is aware that MakeMyStrategy™, like all other software-based tools, may contain errors and inconveniences. Such errors and inconveniences do not constitute legal defects in the tool, but are corrected, if possible, in connection with Strategy To All ApS's ongoing maintenance of the tool. The customer cannot demand any specific correction or make default powers applicable to Strategy To All ApS.
Customer's right of use
By paying the agreed current salary to Strategy To All ApS, the customer receives a time-limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access and use MakeMyStrategy™ and to allow the Customer's designated employees (then collectively "End Users") to access and use the same.
MakeMyStrategy™ may only be used for the purpose provided by Strategy To All ApS and within the agreed framework.
MakeMyStrategy™ may only be used to develop strategies within the Customer's own company (one CVR number) and may not be used to develop strategies for third parties outside it.
Payment and payment terms can be found on the MakeMyStrategy™ website: http://makemystrategy.com
The services are provided exclusively digitally to traders and therefore no 14 days right of withdrawal applies.
Obligation to keep usernames and passwords secret
The customer and end users are obliged to keep secret any usernames and passwords that they use in the solution. The customer is liable for any misuse of the usernames and passwords in question, whether the abuse is carried out by the Customer, End Users or third parties who have come into possession of the Customer's or end user's usernames and passwords, without this being done as a result of circumstances that can only be attributed to Strategy to All ApS.
Availability and uptime
MakeMyStrategy™ is accessed by the Customer and End Users via the Internet.
Strategy to All ApS strives for MakeMyStrategy™ to be available to the Customer 24 hours a day, all year round, but makes no guarantee of this. Strategy to All ApS therefore recommends that the Customer plan his use of MakeMyStrategy™ so that the Customer avoids any crash from adversely affecting the Customer's company.
Processing of personal data
Any personal data is processed in accordance with the Strategy to All ApS privacy and cookie policy, which is available here
MakeMyStrategy™ is backed up daily. The backup is stored for 30 days, after which it is deleted.
The customer is obliged to make and keep a copy of the information that the Customer has entered into MakeMyStrategy™.
Safety, viruses, etc.
The customer is informed that the Customer himself should continuously keep his systems protected, including against hacking, viruses, etc.
Changes to MakeMyStrategy™
Changes in MakeMyStrategy™ are made continuously as part of further development, including based on user requests, and may, as appropriate, result in reduced or changed functionality.
Suspension of Strategy to All ApS services
In the event of non-payment or in the event of illegal or abnormal use of MakeMyStrategy™, incidents or circumstances giving rise to the belief that personal data and/or confidential information is being misused, Strategy to All ApS has the right to suspend the Customer's access to MakeMyStrategy on its own and without the Customer's prior consent to suspend the Customer's access to MakeMyStrategy™. Strategy to All ApS must send the Customer a message about the closure of access and allow the Customer to comment. If immediate closure is required for serious reasons or for personal protection reasons, the Customer shall be informed as soon as possible after closure has been carried out.
Suspension may be lifted against payment of a fee of DKK 1,000 excl. when Strategy to All ApS assesses that the basis for suspension has lapsed.
Intellectual property rights, etc.
Strategy to All ApS has all rights, including intellectual property rights and any know-how to MakeMyStrategy™ and results, etc., resulting from strategy to all aps delivery of its services.
However, data provided by the Customer and the results of its processing belong exclusively to the Customer. Strategy to All ApS shall keep the Customers data confidential and may not make them available to any third party or use them for any other purpose than providing MakeMyStrategy™ to the Customer.
Contract period and termination
The agreement is non-cancellable for the selected period (prepaid period), with a minimum of 12 months
The Agreement may be terminated after the first 12 months by the Customer or Strategy to All ApS upon 30 days written notice to the end of any period.
Prepaid amounts are non-refundable.
Liability and limitation of liability
The customer is solely responsible for any use of MakeMyStrategy™, including access to MakeMyStrategy™ and data handling. Strategy to All ApS is not responsible for functionality provided by independent third-party vendors, including standard software and operating vendors, but is solely liable for subcontractors over which Strategy to All ApS itself has direct control.
The strategic plan is formed from the Customers input and without Strategy to All ApS having any knowledge of the Customers circumstances or input. Strategy to All ApS assumes no responsibility for onboarding, the content of the strategy plan, or the Customers actual use of same.
Each party is also liable under the general rules of Danish law, subject to the following restrictions:
Strategy to All ApS's obligation to pay compensation is in any case limited to an amount corresponding to six months' payment.
In no event shall the parties be liable for operating loss, data loss, loss of savings, consequential damage or indirect loss. Loss of data and the costs of restoration and reinstallation etc. thereof shall in any event be considered indirect or consequential loss. The above limitations do not apply to Strategy to All ApS's claims for payment and only if the loss cannot be attributed to gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Party causing the damage.
Force majeure and other obstacles
Strategy to All ApS is not liable to the Customer when circumstances occur that prevent or postpone Strategy to All ApS from fulfilling its obligations. Such circumstances may include: war, mobilization, riots and civil unrest, epidemics, pandemics or consequences thereof, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, strikes and lockouts, computer viruses, hacking, DoS or DDoS attacks, spamming or other abnormal load on Strategy to All ApS systems or networks, orders from public authorities and rights holders, or other circumstances over which Strategy to All ApS has no direct control. If one or more of the aforementioned circumstances occur, Strategy to All ApS shall be entitled, at its own discretion, to postpone the delivery of its services or to terminate the agreement in whole or in part without liability with effect from the occurrence of the obstacles.
The customer may not transfer his rights or obligations under the Agreement to third parties without prior written agreement from Strategy to All ApS. Strategy to All ApS is entitled to transfer all or part of its rights and obligations to third parties without the Customer's permission or consent.
Change of terms
Strategy to All ApS may change these terms in whole or in part with a notice of three months, including changing the price of MakeMyStrategy™.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Strategy to All ApS is entitled in its marketing, including on its website, to state that the Customer uses MakeMyStrategy™, including with a short case story and use of the Customer's logo. The marketing must be loyal to the Customer.
The customer agrees that MakeMyStrategy™ will send the customer newsletters using the MailerLite app. MailerLite is GDPR compliant and has the following privacy policy. The customer can always easily unsubscribe from the newsletters using a link in the newsletter.
Any dispute between the parties that cannot be resolved amicably must initially be resolved by mediation in accordance with the mediation procedure of Danish IT lawyers. The parties are obliged to attempt mediation unless a Party risks legal forfeiture. Disputes that cannot be resolved by mediation are dealt with under Danish law with the District Court in Copenhagen as the right venue. The conflict-of-law rule does not include the rules of private international law or other rules of Danish law that lead to the application of anything other than Danish law.